The New officers For 2014-2015

GK                          Nate Eberle
DGK                        Scott Brady
Chancellor               David Biondi
Warden                   Jay Pelikan
Recorder                 Joe Broski
Treasurer                 Peter Doviak
Advocate                 Greg Gauthier
Inside Guard            Ray Wadsworth
Outside Guard         Tim Reef
Trustee 1 year          Bob Shaughnessey
Trustee 2 Years        Allan Sullivan
Trustee 3 years        John Twamley
Financial Secretary Dennis Gormley

The Installation of Officers was performed on Sunday, June 29th. A big thanks to all the officers of 2013-2014 for their year of service and accomplishments! And to the incoming officers we are grateful for their willingness to serve, and ask God to grant us the grace to continue in good works and in promoting the good of the family and of society.